Dr Zara Quail MBChB (UCT)

Hello and welcome! I am Dr Zara Quail MBChB, a General Practitioner and Wellness Doctor who wants to help people to:

  • Heal and prevent medical conditions and diseases
  • Recognise the body’s full functional potential
  • Maintain well-being.

I also keep up to date through work as a clinical editor and researcher for medical publishing and communications companies.

The basis of my clinical practice work is rooted in evidence-based, Western (allopathic) medicine, and I provide general medical management of conditions. In addition, for those who want more for their health, my approach is to observe an individual by assessing how their body’s biology is functioning to diagnose or rule out illness, and improve biological, mental and social well-being. 

I believe that knowledge and behaviour change are essential to improving healthcare and health maintenance, and engage with dissemination of evidence-based medical and health information through work as a clinical editor, researcher, writer and advisor.

I believe the key elements to ongoing health and productivity are:

  • Good, whole food first
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Exercise
  • Rest
  • Stress modification
  • Addressing toxins
  • Finding your inspiration and purpose

I also believe that “you are what you eat”, so fruitcakes and tarts are low on my food priority list.