Dr Zara Quail MBChB (UCT)
Health News

Focus on your lifestyle factors

All the factors you need to consider for a balanced, healthy life: feel, love, eat, play, sleep, pray, laugh, relax, create and live!

How are you feeling? Your symptoms may be a sign of underlying imbalances in your physiology.

Is there love in your life? Receiving and giving love are integral to a sense of wholeness.

What are you eating? Whole, nutritious and good foods should be on your priority list. Avoid the processed stuff!

Are you making time to play? Doing something stimulating and fun is great to combat the effects of stress.

Are you getting enough quality sleep? There are a number of ways to improve sleep, including making sure you make it a priority each night.

Do you pray or meditate? Having some quiet time in the morning for this sort of reflection will help set the tone for a better day.

Are you laughing enough? Laughter is a potent stress buster and we don't do nearly enough of it. Have a good belly laugh today.

Have you scheduled time for relaxation? In this busy life, you might even have to schedule and guard time on the calendar to nurture yourself.

Do you do something creative each day? Cultivating creativity is a meaningful way to see more purpose and beauty in your life.

Do you live? Many of us are in a rut or on the treadmill, but are you really feeling the full vibrance of living here on earth. Try a walk in nature to reconnect.

-Dr Zara Quail MBChB(UCT)